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A Beloved Tradition — Secret Santa

Ria Pande, Feature Reporter

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It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is rolling back around, which means one of the most awaited events of 2018 is here, Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is a tradition between 7th and 8th KJHS PI+ students. The students, first, have to fill out a little sheet about which gifts they’d like to get and some of their top food choices. Then, students turn in all of their sheets. The teachers put all the sheets in a box or hat and the students take turns reaching their hand in and taking a slip of paper. This decides who’s Secret Santa they are.

Almost all of the students can agree that this event is fun for many reasons. 8th grade Phoenix, Evelyn Wang, spoke, “I really like Secret Santa because it gives you something to look forward to but there’s also an element of mystery to it because you don’t know who you’re getting and who has you (and it’s also fun to spend like two hours on Amazon looking at pointless items).”

This element of mystery keeps people going and entertained. Many people eagerly try to find out who has them, while others find out quick.

Similarly, Phoenix Louisa Zhang said, “It has the great element of surprise that makes it tempting to know who you have but also enjoyable to see the person you have scramble around wondering who has them.”

Unfortunately, Secret Santa doesn’t always go as the teachers envision. The main problem is the fact that not many people are good at keeping secrets. Last year, a few curious students traded things, such as food, for information, mostly who their Secret Santa was. 

Some people don’t even try, but they end up finding out. An anonymous Phoenix claimed, “I didn’t even try to find out who mine was, but they randomly started asking me my favorite candy. When I asked them they denied, of course lying, and couldn’t be more obvious. Later, I found out I was right, but had to act surprised.”

Though there are a few flaws, there are a lot of good things to it. Secret Santa allows the team to get to know each other better and learn about those who you usually don’t talk to. Louisa Zhang, also, said, “It’s cool because we get to know people and their interests more, even if we don’t talk to them much.”  

Secret Santa is an irreplaceable tradition for PI+ and enjoyable to almost everyone. We hope this year is as good as last.

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A Beloved Tradition — Secret Santa