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December – Young Classroom News

Sruthi Kotlo, News Reporter

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As Thanksgiving and Winter Break start rolling around, the seventh-grade Phoenixes are continuing to learn a variety of information in math and language arts.

In math, the 7th graders are finishing up their statistics projects from earlier. They are currently reviewing systems of equations. They will start learning about bounded and unbounded regions (in linear programming) and piecewise functions. Later they will be beginning absolute value and step functions.

In language arts, the students have been using many different activities to study for the upcoming WordMasters. WordMasters is a test that students take from a list of vocab words. The test gives analogies using the given vocab words. On November 20th, the 7th graders had their WordMasters mixer. The WordMasters mixer is a fun event in which students choose a word, and create a costume based on that word, and throughout the period have to act according to the definition.

The students are also continuing their suspense units by looking at different pictures that show suspense. They are also looking back at their six word suspense stories. As a cumulative activity, they will write a suspense story of their own. The 7th grade Phoenixes will also be beginning their reading ladders where they set reading goals for the upcoming trimester.

The nonfiction unit is coming up the week after Thanksgiving Break. Each class will be assigned a book, and students will rotate classrooms. These nonfiction books center around the World War II time period, including: Bomb by Steve Sheinkin (Barr), Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (Southon), Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb (Young), and The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan (Barr).

The 7th grade teachers are considering taking a field trip to the Holocaust Museum, but aren’t completely sure yet. In March, the 7th graders will go to see Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater along with the 8th graders.

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December – Young Classroom News