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2018 Magazine Drive

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2018 Magazine Drive

By Elaina Malczewski

Raise $70,000 by Wednesday, October 10. That’s the challenge the district-famous Magazine Dude gave the students of Kennedy Junior High School on Wednesday, September 19.

Students gathered in the wood gymnasium, chattering excitedly about what was about to come. Suddenly, the background music stopped and the lights went down. Out came the one and only Magazine Dude. The students cheered as he began the kickoff of the 2018 Magazine Drive.

Run by the Home and School Association, the Magazine Drive is a fundraiser that is put on in all of the District 203 middle schools. The goal is for the students to sell magazines to their family and friends through an easy-to-navigate website. By simply going to the site, setting up an account, and sending pre-written emails to their customers, students can help the school raise money for a variety of causes. Overall, Kennedy hopes to raise a total of at least $70,000. What really motivates the students to reach this goal, however, is that there are prizes involved.

This year, the very first prize giveaway was a LED Bluetooth Speaker. If students registeredon the website and sent out twelve emails within 36 hours of the kickoff assemblies, they would receive the speaker for free. If they got three orders from customers, they could reach a hand into a box of cash and also get their name put in a raffle for more prizes. The main prize giveaways will occur September 21, September 26, October 3, and October 10.

The speaker is only one of numerous other prizes possible to win this year, ranging from Echo Dots to home movie packages, and challenges such as a water balloon toss or a basketball shootout for cash. This year, the students who have brought in 16 orders will be eligible for the trip to Naperville’s Topgolf during part of one school day in the future.

A new advantage for both eighth-graders and seventh-graders this year is that if they participated last year, they can simply log onto their old account and see all of the past customers’ emails ready to be sent to. For eighth-graders participating in the Magazine Drive, 20% of their sales will go towards paying for the eighth-grade boat trip at the end of the year.

Most students are energized about participating in the Magazine Drive this year. “I think that the Magazine Drive is good for school spirit and we can raise money by just sending emails. Plus, it is nice because you get free stuff and finally, it is awesome because the Magazine Dude is legit the best,” said Rohin Gopalka, an eighth-grade student at Kennedy. Due to this yearly commotion, Kennedy is typically the most successful school when competing against other middle schools in the district. The Kennedy student body is ready to compete again this year and cannot wait for the fun to begin.

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2018 Magazine Drive