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Orchestra Concert

Months of hard work by Orchestra students at Kennedy culminated in their first concert of the year, which took place during this year’s election day on Tuesday, November 8. The concert took place from 7 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m. It was conducted by Mrs. McClure, and an additional conductor was invited to the stage in Mrs. Reynolds, who is the orchestra conductor of Naperville Central HIgh School. Mrs. McClure is the orchestra director at Kennedy, and supervises the rehearsals and individual lessons at Kennedy of all grade levels and playing abilities. The night began with the sixth grade orchestra performing. Afterwards, the seventh grade orchestra stepped up with their pieces. During the interlude between the seventh and eighth grade orchestra’s playing, 2 special  groups stood to perform: Kennedy’s Advanced Ensemble, and NCHS’s Bella Corda. These two sections of their respective orchestra’s are exclusive, audition-only groups that play music above the level that most other students are at. Their performances featured “Presto in D Major” for the Advanced Ensemble. The finale of the night was the eighth grade orchestra and their selections, Lullaby, Fire in the Forge, and Maharaja.

In an interview with Mrs. McClure after the concert, she said that it went “pretty well and exceeded my expectations. I liked it a lot.” In particular, she cited the”steady pace, nice dynamics, and general professionalism.” When asked about how the orchestra could improve in the future, McClure stated, “Moving forward, we could consider adding more musicality to the pieces, like more dramatism and better tempo changes.” All in all, she thinks these changes will be readily implemented in the coming rest of the year. However, a point of particular interest this concert was that it was the first concert of the sixth graders. McClure says they have transitioned well from elementary orchestra to the junior high one. Additionally, she says that it is a strong group this year, and can see a lot of potential moving forward.

All in all, this year’s orchestra concert was quite the show, and ended off the hectic drive of election day with cheerful music and good spirits.

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Orchestra Concert