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May Kulik Classroom Article

Cherlin Ng, News Reporter

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As the end of the 2018-2019 school year looms closer, the Phoenix students are reaching the final units in their language arts and social studies classes.

The third trimester in language arts will focus mainly on argument and debate. Students have already chosen a partner to debate with and a topic to argue. In these pairs, they will write an argument paper and debate against another team with the same topic. The infamous debate is known for being a big deal in the Phoenix team culture, including a filming of the discussion and requiring students to dress formally. To guide students on how to write their paper, teachers will first focus on introduction and conclusion funnels and improving the argument as a whole with the rhetoric appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos. Since this is an argument unit, the papers will require extensive research and a works cited page in MLA format. All of this preparation will lead to a well-rounded, beginning policy debate for students to look forward to. Afterwards, the team will learn the mysterious “debate dance” and judge their peers’ debates together. Lastly, students will have a brief unit to reflect on the things that “stuck with them” throughout the school year.

Social studies will revolve around the topic of migration, a topic that is currently relevant in our country and is important to know more about. Students will hear about the stories of refugees with different experiences, including children, and read immigrant interviews. The unit will also cover how migration affects climate change and the economy. Urbanization and megacities are also topics that will be discussed, including the positives and negative of both. Specifically, Mrs. Kulik will run through a simulation on ‘seeking asylum’ and an activity where students choose their own escape route from Syria. This unit will also cross over with language arts through a refugee poem activity. Hopefully, these last two months will give the Phoenix students a new outlook on how fortunate they are to be able to live the way they do.

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May Kulik Classroom Article