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Rohin’s Tips for High School

Rohin Gopalka, Opinion writer

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Every year, from Kennedy Junior High School, around 300 8th graders are led to move onto a new level of their education; high school. Students are typically nervous and stressed, just as many of them were when undergoing the transition from elementary to middle school. Yet, as seen throughout these three years, the change is not stressful.

Many students believe that the school year will be much harder because of the mere size. Many students believe that they will get lost in the “complicated” halls of the school. Elaina Malczewski says, “The halls look long and scary.” Speaking truthfully, many now-9th-graders say the transition is similar to the change between elementary school and middle school. It just takes some getting used to. Just like at Kennedy, there is a time to get everything set up and walk your schedule. In the worst case, the school has plenty of signs to guide you if you get lost.  

Another fear that many 8th graders have while nearing high school is the stress of having to deal with the “scary upperclassmen.” Yes, they are tall, scary, often strong and ready to beat you up. Just avoid them, as much as possible. Or make friends with the nice ones (or rather, the weak ones). There isn’t much to say.

Finally, and the biggest reason kids are most stressed for high school is time management problems. Many students already have prior time commitments and are tense. Ria Pande, another 8th grader, says that “I’m just realizing how little sleep I will get with gymnastics and all the tough courses I will be taking next year, and it is not going to be much.” Tough courses along with many extracurricular activities can accumulate and eat up your time, so there has to be a balance. Students will then have to choose what they want more; harder courses or more rigorous sports/activities. Independent of too many activities basic homework can take a large chunk of the student’s life. That’s why it’s best not to procrastinate. Procrastination, obviously, is at root for much of young people’s sleep deprivation and high stress. You may not get to play video games as much, or get free reading time, but absent procrastination, your grades will be higher and there would eventually have more time on weekends and such.

High school will be hard, but not for too long. We will grow into it, just like we did for middle school. For now, let us sit back and enjoy the remainder of our simple 8th grade lives.

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