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Captain Marvel Review

Mohammad Khan, Opinion Editor

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Captain Marvel

Rating: ★★★☆☆

When I first heard of this movie last year, I didn’t give it much notice. I hadn’t even heard of a Captain Marvel before it was announced and as such I wasn’t too excited to see a movie about a superhero that I knew almost nothing about. As the year flew by, Captain Marvel crept up and I actually started to anticipate its release. Seeing the actual film, though, disappointed me.

Captain Marvel follows the story of Carol Danvers, a US Air Force pilot that lost her memory and was mysteriously transported to the Kree planet Hala, where she has recurring memories of her past life on Earth but lives under the persona of a Kree warrior named Vers. Later, on a Starforce mission, she is captured and brought to Earth by a terrorist group of shapeshifters where she meets a young Nick Fury, and the relationship transforms into a strange buddy-cop film. They team up with a charismatic cat (or so we think) and and Carol’s former best friend to uncover the her past and determine the real threat to Carol and the universe.

My thoughts on this movie weren’t particularly bad, but this movie never really shined in any places. The humor fell flat, and the storyline, while solid, was too predictable, and the acting was unimpressive. It was really just mediocre. Even the character development, Marvel’s specialty, was under done. What really were Captain Marvel’s powers, other than bad jokes, shooting beams out of her hands, feminism, and crashing into things? After a while the movie stopped being about superheroes or quick wit or even the backstory behind Danvers or the Cinematic Universe, it was just aggressively feminist and ‘minoritist’. Good for them, they’ve overcome racial and gender barriers to get to where they are, but just start the movie already. I didn’t sign up to watch this sap-show; otherwise I would have just bought a ticket for Dumbo or whatever else was playing that day. Anyway. It’s not good and it’s not bad. It’s not really anything.

Watch the movie for the action-packed adventure scenes. Watch the movie for the chemistry between Larson and Jackson. Heck, watch the movie for Goose. But don’t walk into the theater with the expectation that this movie will live up to the standards of similar Marvel films.

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Captain Marvel Review