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Shakespeare in the Courtyard

Ria Pande, Feature writer

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As the school play is coming to an end, a new theatrical performance is ready for kids to shine in: Shakespeare in the Courtyard! Open to all grades, Shakespeare in the Courtyard is a way for people to come together, have fun, and perform a classic play. For this year’s Shakespeare in the Courtyard, people say it is going to be a collage of multiple of Shakespeare’s works, which will be enjoyable for many people. Tryouts will start around Spring break and, this year, it’s said to have a smaller cast than normal.

Last year, Claire Yung was a part of the cast of Hamlet. When asked about her overall experience, she stated, “I really enjoyed it despite having a smaller part. It definitely opened me up to putting myself out there and getting to know more people.” Because students typically only interact with people in their own team and grade level, Shakespeare gives students the opportunity to make friends with other grade levels and people they otherwise wouldn’t talk to. Also, it helps build their confidence. Yung claims Shakespeare “puts yourself out there” and it “makes [Claire]  more confident for performing in front of other people”. While the regular school play is more singing oriented, Shakespeare revolves around acting. They like to have fun instead of being 100% serious, some of them even brought dinosaur hats to act in.

Rohin Gopalka, 8th grade Phoenix, is considering trying out this year. Shakespeare will be his first time acting because he’s never done it before. Gopalka feels he “missed the opportunities last year” and he’s curious to try this year. Though he doesn’t have much experience, he’s motivated to try because he has an interest in Shakespeare.

Creating friendships and boosting confidence, Shakespeare in the Courtyard will be a great opportunity for the students of Kennedy. Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

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Shakespeare in the Courtyard