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Valentines Day Cookies

Cherlin Ng, News Reporter

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The Valentine’s Day cookies made by Kennedy Charity Caterers have been a school-wide tradition as long as anyone can remember. These heart-shaped cookies are the most popular of all of the Caterers’ fundraising treats throughout the year. The pastries are well known for providing money for families in need, as well as gifting students and staff with a delicious treat. Ms. Curless, a learning support coach, is in charge of Kennedy Charity Caterers for the second year, and will be the one monitoring the cookie making process.

As always, the heart-shaped Valentine cookies will be made of a simple off-white cookie base with an aligned red heart fondant on top. The cookies in the past have been very large (around 4.5 inches in diameter) with a raised center, resulting in the cookie not cooking all the way through. To fix this problem, they are planning to slightly reduce the size of the cookies to help them bake more evenly. Luckily, there will not be a limit on the number of cookies unlike previous years, which had a maximum of two hundred. Ms. Curless says that she didn’t want to cap sales since a portion of the proceeds will go back to support families in need. She had opted for no sale limits last year as well, and sold around five hundred cookies.

These cookies will be sold outside the stage in the multipurpose room on school mornings from 7:30 to 7:50 a.m. Each cookie will cost a dollar and will be delivered to students’ classrooms around Valentine’s Day.

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Valentines Day Cookies