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Winter Band Concert

Elaina Malczewski, News Reporter

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The Kennedy Junior High School bands put on the winter band concert at KJHS on February 20th, 2019. Students’ competitiveness was high early on in the day and lasted throughout the performances. It was the only concert of the year where the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bands performed together and everyone was determined to outplay the others.

The 6th graders started off the night playing “March Ceremonial,” “Two Scottish Dances,” and “Gates of Orion.” Though the pieces were simpler than those of the other bands, onlookers were impressed by the youngest band. More specifically, it was especially impressive that one of the pieces was typically played by a 7th grade band, but the 6th graders managed to pull it off admirably.

Afterwards, the 7th graders entertained the audience with “Gap Creek,” “Horkstow Grange,” “Firebird Suite,” and “Into the Arctic.” Unfortunately, at the end of “Horkstow Grange,” an audience member’s cell phone went off. It rang loudly as the person scrambled to turn it off, disrupting the eerie ending of the piece that the 7th graders had worked so hard to perfect. Luckily, though, the band rebounded with the intense piece “Into the Arctic” and ended their performance with a flourish.

Finally, the 8th graders completed the night with “Confluence,” “Alligator Alley,” and “Skydance.” There were a few issues concerning malfunctioning instruments and an early introduction, but the group amazed the crowd with the complex rhythms and techniques they had strived to execute.

However, despite compliments from spectating family and friends, the members of all of the bands were critical of their productions and various students expressed wishes to improve in certain areas. 8th grade percussionist Rohin Gopalka commented on the overall concert, saying, “In general, the songs were pretty good but I feel like we could have played better. That goes for all of the songs across the three grades, but I’m not sure how the 6th and 7th grades played during practice.”

Though there was a range of faults and flaws throughout the night, overall, the KJHS winter band concert was a success. Freshly invigorated by the accomplishment, the bands are already off to prepare for their final concerts of the year.

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Winter Band Concert