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February – Kulik Classroom Article

Cherlin Ng, News Reporter

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With the start of 2019, eighth grade PI+ has a lot happening during the rest of second trimester. Language arts will cover various skills related to reading and writing, while social studies will focus on countries and human rights around the world.

In language arts, headed by Mrs. Kulik, students have finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird and have started their fourth book of the year, Fahrenheit 451. This novel explores a future where all books are burned. Throughout this unit, students are responsible for contributing to discussions, reading assigned sections, and generally knowing what is going on. In high school, students will be asked to complete timed writing assignments, which they will have the opportunity to practice now. They will read a passage and determine a theme, proven with text evidence. The team will also begin one of the most popular units of the year: argument. In pairs, students will write an argument paper on a topic of their choosing. Later, they will debate against fellow classmates on that same topic. The grammar unit will continue through this trimester, primarily focusing on tenses. Teachers will also go over compound/complex sentences, gerunds, noun clauses, and participial phrases. March 11th holds the most exciting part of the Phoenix year: the field trip to the Shakespeare Theater. Last year, the Panther team watched A Midsummer Night’s Dream, an otherworldly experience with fairies, spells, and love juice. This year, students will watch Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedies. This play delves into the consequences of government corruption. A few days of language arts classes prior to the field trip will be spent learning the plot of Macbeth. Students have also recently started sonnets, a difficult form of poetry made even more challenging through crown sonnets. Crown sonnets consist of multiple intertwining poems that tell another story through each poem’s first line. Luckily, students will be working in groups and have the entire month of February to complete the assignment.

In social studies, students will continue with the human rights unit. The team will figure out what every human deserves, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. This will lead students to discover which countries are free, which are partially free, and which are not. Students will then be asked to write a short paper on who they believe to be the world’s worst current leader. Classes will then vote on this and come up with a final answer on who they think is the worst leader. This small fact finding mission will be based on everything the team has learned so far.

With field trips, debates, and human rights, the 8th grade Phoenixes will be exploring a wide variety of topics for the next couple of months. These large assignments will take time, so students should exercise good time management if they want to do well.

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February – Kulik Classroom Article