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February – Young Classroom Article

Sruthi Kotlo, News Reporter

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As February comes to an end and March begins, the 7th grade Phoenixes have been doing a lot of exciting activities in class.

In Algebra, the 7th graders are finishing up exponential functions and are moving into sequences. They are also learning about polynomials. As they move into Units 8 and 9, they will be exploring factoring which is essential to future math classes.

In Language Arts, the 7th graders are getting a background of Shakespeare’s Macbeth for their field trip where they will watch the play in the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on March 11th. During the explanation of the summary, the Phoenixes will be understanding the language that Shakespeare uses. They will also be writing their companion book literary analysis in which they will choose a book and write multiple essays on it, including a nonfiction piece and literary analysis. After writing the analysis, towards the end of the year, the 8th grade Phoenixes will review and help the 7th graders edit it.

Another fun unit in Language Arts has also been going on. The Phoenixes in Mrs. Young’s class are reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a book about a group of boys who are stranded on an island. There are many enjoyable activities tied to this unit. The students are in a simulation where they, like the characters in the book, are trapped on an island and need to escape. They will be rolling the “Dice of Destiny” to determine what happens to them (such as floods, food shortages, and other potentially disastrous events). They are also allowed to buy materials to help them on the way. The final project will be to use these items to create a model boat so it doesn’t sink in water when weight is added. Right now, they are creating a “chart of blame.” This is a pie chart that shows how much each character contributed to the death that recently occured in the novel.

Mrs. Young’s class might start the book Animal Farm by George Orwell after spring break, but for right now there is slow pacing.

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February – Young Classroom Article