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What People Are Doing Over Winter Break

Cherlin Ng

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Winter break: a time for vacation, reading, and sleep. Indeed, that seems to be what most of the eighth-grade Phoenixes are planning to do over this two week period.

At least eight of the Phoenixes will be going on vacation. Celina will travel around Australia on a cruise, Chungtai will be exploring the streets of Italy, and Cherlin will be wandering around Japan. Zach and Kathryn reportedly will both be going to Cancun for a relaxing, warm break from Chicago’s frigid winters. Rohin will head down to Texas to attend a wedding reception, Rohan to Phoenix to see family and Karen to Las Vegas for travel/sightseeing. Shan and Sruthi said they also might take a short leave from Illinois, but they aren’t quite sure yet.

A few of the interviewed Phoenixes will be taking this time to focus on other subjects. Boris said he’ll be going skiing, and Jessica Huang said she will be concentrating on rhythmic gymnastics. Gloria will be hard at work practicing for a national violin competition.

The rest of these studious teenagers say they won’t be doing much. Evelyn, Ria, and Anjana predicted they will be “sleeping, and that’s about it.” Nathan Yuan, however, will be doing the opposite. He says he will be “trying to stay up late because it’s not parent authorized.” Mohammad, Aiden, Ivy, Jerry, Easton, and Elaina all say that they will be staying at home and “doing nothing.”

From traveling to the other side of the world to staying at home and doing nothing, the predicted experiences of the eighth-grade Phoenixes this winter break will be highly varied.

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What People Are Doing Over Winter Break