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December – Piekarz Classroom News

Nathan Yuan

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8th graders are the veterans of middle school but next year they’ll be the rookies of high school. As such, Mrs. Piekarz, the team leader, will be leading the effort to make sure that all of the 8th Grade Phoenix team is ready and situated for high school.

This coming December 4th will be the first time that all Kennedy Students meet with their high school counselors. Mrs. Piekarz has been taking time out of her own Science classes to talk about her experiences as a mother of high school students and how the recommendation process for honors and AP classes will work.

Through her canvas slides, Mrs. Piekarz has linked a list of comprehensive classes available in High School as well as the learning paths that follow the choices for elective classes in both Naperville Central and North High Schools.

Mrs. Piekarz is a firm believer in allowing each student to choose their path and wants to explain to the team how each curriculum is customized to the needs of each unique student. According to her, her goals in talking with Phoenix students are to allow every student to ”understand the process and understand the options… that all of us are coming from different points [and] for everybody to go for a curriculum themselves.

Furthermore, Mrs. Piekarz aims to let everyone know their limits and understand their abilities. In her own words, “everybody needs to understand that even though they are in PI+, they don’t need to be hyper accelerated.”

Mrs. Piekarz also supports those who feel the need to be challenged. She has introduced the Lederman Scholars Program to the team in hopes of showing opportunities for students who feel unchallenged in high school.

So, hopefully, armed with the information and support from Mrs. Piekarz, the future freshman of the graduating Phoenix class will make their way settling into life at the high schools of Naperville North and Naperville Central.

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December – Piekarz Classroom News