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December – Southon Classroom News

Karen Subin

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After a much-needed 6 day Thanksgiving break, the 7th graders from the Phoenix Team of Mrs. Southon’s class returned back to Science and English class.

In Language Arts, the students are working on their non-fiction unit by studying novels in book clubs. To analyze this genre thoroughly they will start by reading an article by Bill Bryson and a passage about fear in the human body. Then, after gaining some background into the unit, they will be split into different book clubs by the L.A. teachers, each one based around one book. One club will feature The Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb, another will exhibit Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, and the two others will include The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan and Bomb by Steve Sheinkin. Based on their preferences and their top three book picks, the students will be sorted between the clubs. This year’s most popular was Unbroken, a book about the terrors faced in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp.   

Along with the non-fiction unit, there will be a few lessons on credible sources and archetypes. During December, the students are working towards detecting uncredible from credible sources. Then, after winter break, the class will start to read The Lord of the Flies. They will put their newly developed research skills to work by writing a literary analysis of a character from the comics of Calvin and Hobbes and determine the character’s archetype.   

In Mrs. Southon’s science class, the students are working through the periodic table with exciting experiments. They are discussing the elements of the periodic table using a puzzle including all of the elements. One of their experiments included a chemical flame testing, where students observed the reaction between certain elements and flame. The results were fascinating- the flame turned brilliant colors, like blues, greens, and reds. The 7th graders then did a careful analysis of the reactions taking note of the more pigmented flames and the different elements.

All in all, the Phoenix 7th graders are adapting quite nicely after their relaxing break and are ready to continue learning with Mrs. Southon.  

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December – Southon Classroom News