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PI+ Christmas Favorites

Sruthi Kotlo

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Many love the start of December. Everyone is cheerful, lights go up, people come together. In PI+, many students love listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies.

After surveying 51 of the students on the 8th grade Phoenix team, results showed that the most popular Christmas song is “Last Christmas.”

But when is the “proper” time to start listening to Christmas songs? 39.2% of the surveyed population (20 people) said that they start listening to Christmas songs in December/After Thanksgiving. 31.4% (16 people) said that they do not listen to Christmas songs, and 29.4% (15 people) said they listen to Christmas songs as soon as possible.

Out of the same population that was surveyed, many said their favorite Christmas movie was one in the Home Alone series. While Home Alone isn’t centered around Christmas, the story does take place during the holiday season, and has a hint of Christmas spirit that is enjoyable. The movie gives a message of the importance of family. The story tells of a young boy who is forgotten behind on a family vacation, and spends his time home alone. Home Alone is sure to make anyone laugh, showing a little kid trying to outsmart two criminals, and the movie is loved by many.

Whether you like listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies in November and December, or you don’t take part in the holidays, the holiday season is a good time to spread some joy and get closer to the ones we most enjoy.

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PI+ Christmas Favorites