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Jessica Huang and Ria Pande

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It’s a new cheer season! So exciting so don’t sleep in! The sports teams shouldn’t fear, ‘cause as of October 12th, cheer is here!

Cheer started boosting morale at the first basketball game on October 12th where the cheer teams made their first debut. Each grade has two sections, maroon and gold. As a former cheer member, Ria Pande, explained how the teams took turns. “It’s very fair. Each color gets the same amount of time, same amount of excitement, and same amount of fatigue on the court. Even though it does get tiring, it’s nice to see the energy we spread around the gym.” Ria said. “It’s a very litty experience that creates bonds among me and my other ‘bois.’”

The division is fairly simple. There are four quarters in a basketball game, as well as a halftime break. Each color gets to play two quarters, and they all perform in halftime together. The color that isn’t performing rests on the bench, and there are occasional water breaks for the energy inducing teams. They also alternate which color begins at each game. For instance, if maroon starts at the first game, then gold would start the second game.

The cheer coaches are anticipating this new season, and seem confident in their girls. “We feel great!” Miss Mikicich, cheer coach, exclaimed right away when she was interviewed. “[I hope] the athletes continue to promote spirit on and off the court, and to have fun. [I also hope the athletes] develop a sense of community and school spirit this season.”

It’s a new cheer season! To not have spirit would be treason! Although there are two groups of cheer, they work together to appear!

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