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December – Barr Classroom News

Elaina Malczewski, News Reporter

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Though they were reluctant to return to school after the six day Thanksgiving break, the seventh grade Phoenix students of Mrs. Barr’s class have a lot to look forward to.

In Language Arts, the students are beginning their nonfiction unit. They will start learning how to analyze this genre by using an article by Bill Bryson and an excerpt about the art of fear. They will then be split up into book clubs by the Language Arts teachers. One teacher will hold book clubs for the book The Nazi Hunters, another for Unbroken, and Mrs. Barr will do The Longest Day as well as Bomb. Students get to choose which book they would like to read and are sorted based on those preferences. This year the most popular choice was Unbroken, most likely because of the enticing movie trailer shown when the students are picking books. Alongside the nonfiction unit, there will be a few lessons on credible sources, fake news, and possibly archetypes.

Coming up in the month of December, the seventh graders will be focusing on improving their research skills and finding quality sources. After winter break, the class will start the novel The Lord of the Flies. They will also put their research skills towards writing a literary analysis about a character from the comics of Calvin and Hobbes.

In Mrs. Barr’s Global Studies class, they will be finishing up the globalization unit in the weeks preceding winter break. The ending of this unit will be centered around the environmental effects of globalization, the costs of goods and effects of poverty, the global t-shirt, and a little bit about apparel.

Overall, though everyone is looking forward to winter break, Mrs. Barr is keeping her classroom enjoyable for everyone to learn and have fun.

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December – Barr Classroom News