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Lighting Up the Pod by Elaina Malczewski

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The moment Thanksgiving ends, most people snap into their winter mindset. Christmas decorations go up, mass holiday shopping on Black Friday occurs, and everyone finally accepts the snowfall and chilly temperatures. The Phoenix team at KJHS is no different.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the eighth grade Phoenix students planned to carry out an important Panther-Phoenix tradition. Leading up to this event, whispers had filled the hall and classrooms of the pod. Word of the time, place, and event was being spread through the eighth-grade grapevine. Why was the fun kept a serious secret? Well, that’s all part of the fun. The catch was that no seventh graders are allowed to find out what’s happening.

The eighth graders were going to string lights across the pod ceiling to create a warm atmosphere to welcome back the seventh graders and get them in the holiday spirit. Current eighth-grader Gloria Baek said, “I’m really excited because I want to surprise the seventh graders, since we were in their position last year.”

Unfortunately, the event had to be delayed because of a snow storm expected on Sunday evening. The new plan was to hang the lights on Monday morning during Phoenix Fire instead. However, Monday turned out to be a snow day for District 203, so the lights had to be postponed again.

Classes resumed on Tuesday, but the pod was still missing its twinkling glow. Finally, the team decided to decorate that Thursday morning during the usual Phoenix Yearbook meeting. Many eighth graders arrived early in the morning to help put up the lights and other wintry decorations. Though there were some struggles and some broken lights, the students managed to turn the pod into a winter wonderland. When the seventh graders arrived later, most were surprised but ecstatic.

All in all, the pod felt much more cheerful that morning and made everyone even happier to be there.

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Lighting Up the Pod by Elaina Malczewski