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The DAR Essay Competition

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The time has come for DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution; an annual competition at Kennedy Junior High School. The competition allows all students of 5th through 8th grade to write an essay pertaining to a certain aspect of American History. This year, students are being asked to write an essay about the history of women’s voting rights.

“I think it is a great way to bring awareness to the cause,” said 6th grader, Rhea Ganpule, who considered trying out. “I find it pretty cool how [the competition is] teaching us how to compete with our writing at such a young age. Also, we usually compete with math and science, but this brings us into the world of writing.”

The DAR essay competition has many stages. All participants write an essay regarding the topic for the current year, then one winner is chosen from each grade level. The winner’s essays are sent to state, whose winners get sent to divisional. Lastly, winners of the divisional contests are put into nationals. The competition concludes with 4 final national winners, one from each grade.

While this process seems long and hard, there are prizes at the end of the finish line. Each student receives a certificate for participation, chapter winners receive bronze medals along with certificates, state winners receive silver medals along with certificates, and national winners receive bronze medals along with special certificates.

Daughters of the American Revolution also holds an annual speech competition. An eighth grade Phoenix candidate from last year, Ivy Chen, said in an interview, “I think it was a really good opportunity to gain experience on how to better convey ideas and opinions through public speaking.”

The DAR competitions undoubtedly help students grow and learn more about important topics in United States history, as well as improve their writing abilities. Let’s hope the students of Kennedy Junior High are able to take home the victory this year!

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The DAR Essay Competition