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November – Behind the Scenes: Student Council

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by Easton Ours

The Kennedy Student Council is a group of outstanding sixth through eighth graders who volunteer their time to the school to plan events such as school dances. The Student Council is critical to the state of the school. A Kennedy without these devoted students would be akin to a clock without gears, and not very productive.


The Student Council is primarily ran by two volunteer teachers, Mrs. Reitz and Mrs. Northrup, who take time out of their days to run the club. The Student Council itself can be divided into three groups. The Environmental Committee, run by Gloria Baek, focuses mostly on ways that Kennedy can help improve the environment and lessen our carbon footprint. The Philanthropy Committee, run by Madeline Temple, aims to help Kennedy and its students be better members of our community by spreading help and positivity. Finally, the Social Committee, run by Claudia Witte, focuses on the social aspects of Kennedy’s student life, such as the recent Glow Dance.


The Student Council is considered one big group, but the three committees essentially act as three separate clubs, with each one doing a separate project at any given time.


Currently, the Environmental Committee’s most recent project is increasing the availability of recycling bins in the lunchroom. They find that many kids are throwing recyclables in the garbage, simply because of a lack of a said recycling schematic. They are to report their progress to Mr. Valek, the principal of Kennedy.

The Philanthropy Committee’s current agenda, as of November 2nd, is that of concluding their school-wide canned foods drive, which rallied the entire school to collect cans to donate to food shelters. Coming off from this massive endeavor, the Philanthropy Committee has no future plans to report yet.

Much like the Philanthropy Committee, the Social Committee is winding down from the Glow Dance, a school dance for 6th and 7th graders. The Student Council has not met since this event; the future plans of the Social Committee are unknown as of now.

There are also many activities that Student Council is planning, both for near and distant future. Students are organizing a project to create gift baskets for children in hospitals, which will be given to them during a visit to hospitals in December.

Since the Student Council is so important in the inner workings of the school, it is important to keep up to date on what the Student Council is planning, as their actions affect every student at Kennedy.

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November – Behind the Scenes: Student Council