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November – Rohints of Advice

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by Rohin Gopalka

Q: I procrastinate too much. Do you have any ways to help me?

-Practiced Procrastinator

SA: Who cares? Middle school grades don’t matter.

LA: Well, just don’t put it for the last day. Set a “timetable” or just write down all your work and what you have to do. Try to stick to the specific times you keep for each homework assignment. It will really help to spread work out on big homework assignments. It is crucial that you set a plan and try to stick to that plan on a day-to-day basis.


Q: What should I do to get good StEaLs on Black Friday? What places should I go to get good deals?

– Sanguine Shopper

SA: Waiting in line until the door opens always works.

LA: First, look at ads all the time on the Wednesday and Thursday the day before. You can also go to some nice places that no one knows about. It’s very difficult to be able to get good steals on Black Friday without having to wait in line for an extensive period of time. Random websites also host online Black Friday deals, so you don’t have to get out of your chair to find some pretty hot deals.


Q: I’m having trouble balancing my social life and my academic life, and as a result my grades and sleep schedule are suffering. How do you think I should spend more time on homework and extracurriculars but still keep in touch with the rest of the world?

SA: You don’t need friends to go to an Ivy League School.

LA: This is similar to my answer to the first question. Try to keep a time schedule of what you have to do, but always make room for activities that make you happy. It’s never healthy to always stress about your grades.

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November – Rohints of Advice