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November – Kulik Classroom News

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by Cherlin Ng

This November, both Mrs. Kulik’s social studies and language arts classes are in for a treat. Students will be continuing units and starting new topics, some of which are sure to pose a challenge.
In LA, students will finish up The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, with a final project, which according to Mrs. Kulik, will be difficult. The classes will also start reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, which will end with the students’ first graded paper on a piece of literature. The class will also start on racial and social problems, which toes the line between social studies and language arts. Besides that, peers will continue with etymology, writing, grammar and mechanics, and poetry. They were just given their first summative etymology quiz, of which most did well. Students are also currently in the process of finishing up their research articles about social issues.
In social studies, the class has finished with its map unit and has started to learn about different countries. This will continue throughout the rest of November. The unit covers the history as well as problems that countries have with their cultures. One of the questions that students will focus on throughout this unit is ‘what is a developed country and what isn’t?’ There will be a lot of comparing and contrasting. This loosely ties in with the other social studies lesson on globalization. The positives and negatives, the ‘real cost’ of cheap products, and how they affect people in our world are some of the subtopics within.
This November is definitely going to be a challenge for the 8th-grade Phoenixes!

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November – Kulik Classroom News