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November – Barr Classroom News

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by Elaina Malczewski

November is nearing and kids are beginning to itch for Thanksgiving break, but the students in Mrs. Barr’s class are still working as hard as ever. Though the first few months of the school year were all about getting used to the rhythm of things, the seventh grade Phoenix students have finally settled in.

In Language Arts, the students are just finishing up the novel Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. There was no official final project assigned for the book, but the seventh graders got to dine on some delectable pie in honor of the story’s title as well as have some fun watching The Great British Baking Show. Various students also chose to create new designs for the drab cover of the novel.

After finding suspense and irony usage within Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, students are currently in preparation for an upcoming district assessment dealing with both of these literary techniques. They will have to read the short story Invitation to Murder and identify the suspense and irony techniques used by the author. Near the end of November, the seventh graders will begin the nonfiction unit and also start to learn the words in round one of the WordMasters competition. Hopefully the students will study hard, as they have to live up to last year’s seventh grade national champions. Good luck seventh graders!

Mrs. Barr also teaches Global Studies this school year. At the moment, students are exploring the country Turkey. They recently participated in small debates about whether or not Turkey is a democracy. Along with wrapping up the culture unit, this activity introduced students to the “argument protocol” of debates. The next Global Studies unit will be focused on Globalization. Globalization includes the two main topics of where products come from and how we trade or don’t trade with certain countries.  

This year’s excitement stirs unceasingly as Mrs. Barr continues to create a delightful learning environment for the seventh grade Phoenix students.

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November – Barr Classroom News