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November – Southon Classroom News

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by Karen Subin

November is fast approaching, bringing the chill of winter but the promise of Thanksgiving. Determined and focused, the 7th graders continue to put even more effort into their work as the weeks fly by filled with tests, reassessments, and homework.

During chilly October, the 7th graders finished the book, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. Filled with mystery, the book was a thrilling experience which fit in with their current unit on suspense. “As they finished the book, the teachers assigned a “final project” for the students. It wasn’t a test nor a presentation, but snacking on a scrumptious apple pie, in celebration of the title, while watching The Great British Baking Show. It was a Phoenix first but a truly delightful adventure. In the coming weeks, the students will also have to take a district assessment about the literary techniques presented in the book. The students’ next unit will cover the first WordMasters contest of the year, where students must learn the definitions of 25 words and then apply their knowledge during an analogy test.

As the science teacher, Mrs. Southon has also been teaching the students about astronomy. After using the StarLab, watching the night sky in the daytime, the class learned about the distances between objects in the solar system. They also read and observed the distances between the Earth and objects in outer space before calculating how long it would take to get there. The students are now studying the different seasons by graphing and analyzing the solar altitude and length of daylight. And to top it off, they will be using solar cells to see how the Earth’s tilt prompts the different seasons.

As we get move further into frosty November, Mrs. Southon continues to provide a exciting classroom environment and a delightful teaching experience for the Phoenix 7th graders, who are working even harder going into the year.

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November – Southon Classroom News