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Phoenix Teacher Birthdays

Rohan Bulusu, News Reporter

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September 14th, Room 152. 7:00 am. The first students begin arriving, and begin their work. By 7:30, the group is a dozen strong and accompanied by Phoenix staff. At 7:47, the surprise is revealed, and Mrs. Piekarz enters her room.

There is a tradition within PI+ to decorate a teacher’s room on his or her birthday. Three teachers’ birthdays have occured this month, all of which have been celebrated by students and staff alike: Ms. Southon, on the 10th, Mrs. Piekarz, on the 14th, and Mrs. Kedziora on the 24th.

Mrs. Piekarz has experienced this once before when she joined Team Phoenix, previously known as Team Panthers. Mrs. Kedziora and Ms. Southon, however, have not experienced this long-standing tradition before.

To them, the decorations were massive surprises.

Mrs. Kedziora specifically was outspoken in her response to those involved, “Thank you, I love decorations!” adding later that she “absolutely loved it.” Around her room hung posters and banners, ranging from “I love naps” to inspirational quotes.

Every morning, Mrs. Kedziora wishes to be called down during the announcements. On the 24th, her wish came true. For her birthday, students arranged for a Front Office calldown, where she was presented with a hand-decorated birthday card.

Ms. Southon’s room, unlike Mrs. Kedziora’s and Mrs. Piekarz’s birthdays, was decorated by a mix of 7th and 8th grade students. Although the Fire was unable to schedule an interview, several of her students remarked that she “loved it”. Ms. Southon’s decorations included a fully decorated whiteboard, as well as several banner decorations.

Mrs. Piekarz, Phoenix’s two-year staff resident, also had her room decorated. Several banners were strung, and the whiteboard was awash with color. The color, however, was not just limited to the whiteboard. Several electric lights were also strung, and a disco-like projection was also rigged.

This annual tradition has had some amazing results this month, and there are sure to be more outstanding feats in the future.

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Phoenix Teacher Birthdays