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Introduction to Horoscopes

Divya Lidder, Opinion writer, writes Horoscopes

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Horoscopes are super complicated and odd, but here’s the basic breakdown:

There are 12 signs- one for each month. They’re ruled by different houses, have a connection to different planets (or more accurately, “celestial bodies”), and have three types of mindsets associated with each (fixed, cardinal, mutable). They’re also divided into four different elemental categories. I’ll attempt to explain the characteristics of each of these categories in this article. I’ll also add some of the other stuff for people interested in further research.

AIR SIGNS: Action-oriented, intelligent, enjoys variation.

Gemini: Mutable, 3rd House, Mercury

Libra: Cardinal, 7th House, Venus

Aquarius: Fixed, 11th House, Uranus

Air signs are generally signs that are intellectually connected to the world, they’re all about change. This is the “marker of the intellectual”. They tend to be very analytical and enjoy abstract reasoning.


FIRE SIGNS: passionate, dynamic, and temperamental.

Aries: Cardinal, 1st House, Mars

Leo: Fixed,5th House, Sun

Sagittarius: Mutable, 9th House, Jupiter

Fire signs are generally fiery. If their energy is restrained, they can be incredibly creative, productive forces, but if it is allowed to run wild, these signs can be destructive, high egos, coming across as selfish and overbearing.  


WATER SIGNS: Artistic, Dreamy, intuitive and emotional

Cancer: Cardinal, 4th House, Moon

Scorpio: 8th House, Pluto & Mars

Pisces: 12th House, Neptune

Water signs are very well described by water. They tend to be fluid and enchanting, with their strong suit being emotions. Water signs are incredibly intuitive, and they base their judgements off of feeling rather than logic. They have vivid dreams and are incredibly artistic. Sometimes these signs can come across as hypersensitive or spacey, to the irritation of others.


EARTH SIGNS: Reliable but extremely materialistic

Taurus: Fixed, 2nd House, Venus

Virgo: Mutable, 6th House, Mercury

Capricorn: Cardinal, 7th House, Saturn

Earth Signs are very down to earth. They view the world as a very tangible realm, and are very grounded (ha ha). These signs are incredibly reliable, but their tendency to feel security in physical objects makes them overly materialistic and greedy at times.

This breakdown will guide how this section of the newspaper operates. All of the information in the horoscope section will be based around this information.

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Introduction to Horoscopes