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Kathryn Hu, Opinion writer, writes Whine and Cheese

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Old exercise machines that could be mistaken as medieval torture equipment, the sweat of thousands of children coursing through the air, and the feeling of imminent death hitting you as soon as you walk in – it’s all part of the allure of the Kennedy Junior High School fitness center.  The dread felt by every student hangs in the air as the one day in which they will walk into the sweaty, humid mess that is the fitness center approaches

For one day every week students walk into the fitness center, greeted by nasty yellow walls and a grimy linoleum floor ready to get their heart rates up. It truly is a germaphobe’s worst nightmare. Every week, for thirty minutes, students perform various exercises in the fitness center under the threat of a bad grade. The center is disgusting – at best. As student Rohan Bulusu put it, “It has the air of something that hasn’t been cleaned for fifty years.”

Students hate it, with the lack of hygiene and humid environment it makes exercising in the fitness center even worse. Ria Pande stated, “I can feel the sweat left over from the other classes and it’s weird because I have it ninth period and it’s gross.”

The lack of sanitation also stands out. The fact that after roughly thirty minutes of exercise with students sweating in order to get their heart rate up, cleaning up and wiping up their sweat in which has been spread over the room is rarely encouraged. But when it is it’s done in a matter that is not successful. As Zach Wu put it, “But the worst part is they try to cover it up by making us ‘sanitize’ it later.”

Although it is understandable why a resource like the fitness center would be used –the weight machines and other such exercise machines are not able to be used elsewhere, but in a combined room with cardio machines such as treadmills and ellipticals,  the room becomes no more than a mess of sweat and body odor.

The solution to this disgrace is simple – students should have the last two or three minutes to wipe down the room for the next class. Presently, students have a little bit of time to clean up the elliptical, treadmill, and weight machines before the bell rings before they hurry off to their lockers. This short, 40-second-at-most-time is inadequate to ensure that the machines are cleaned properly. If the PE teachers allotted just a couple of minutes to “clean up,” it would be a massive improvement.



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