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The Kennedy Junior High School 2018 Magazine Drive

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In various online marketplaces, students all over District 203 are busy making magazine sales for the 2018 Magazine Drive. The Magazine Drive is an annual campaign that has students sell magazines to help support Kennedy during the school year — including field trips and classroom materials. It is the last week of the magazine drive, but the sales are still going strong. Currently, the top magazine seller has sold over 30 magazines.

Students start by creating their own digital storefront, complete with a personalized avatar and a digital recording of their sales pitch. Then, emails can be sent out to various customers via their email address, with an option to contact all previous clients. A status symbol on the right of each email shows if somebody opened an email, ordered a magazine, or discarded the message.

To further incentivize selling magazines, there are prizes to win for successful subscriptions. For example, if someone sells 16 magazines, they earn a trip to Top Golf, a 3-story golfing range. In the first 36 hours of the drive, students were eligible to earn a free bluetooth speaker for sending out 12 emails to potential customers. In this way, these prizes are used as motivators for students to get out and sell more magazines.

In conclusion, the magazine drive channels profits to the Home and School Association of Kennedy, with incentives along the way for students. While the magazine drive is coming to a close this time, the tradition will remain for years to come.

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The Kennedy Junior High School 2018 Magazine Drive