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Mr. Bones — Room 201 Mascot

Easton Ours, Opinion writer, writes Behind-The-Scenes

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As Halloween rapidly approaches, some teachers at Kennedy Junior High School in Lisle, Illinois are fully embracing the spirit of Halloween. Mrs. Kulik, Kennedy’s 8th grade advanced English and Social Studies teacher, is one such teacher. In order to celebrate Halloween, Kulik bought a life-size plastic skeleton for her class and propped it up next to white board.

Kulik has also developed a fictional backstory around the origin of Mr. Bones, one which she described to our reporter in an interview. “I’ve always wanted a skeleton in my classroom, and so I went to the Mensong cemetery website and asked them for information about a skeleton they had online that was about the size of an eighth grader,” Kulik said. “[So] I came across Mr. Bones, and the students got a chance to name him on the first Social Studies test, and a lot of people said Bones or Mr. Bones.. …and we just decided to name him Mr. Bones.”

Mrs. Kulik’s class mascot is not just a typical skeleton, as he also poses.  “He gets bored really easily, and he wants to do different things in the classroom. It’s very difficult, [as] he can’t walk around on his own too often, so we’ve got to put him in positions that people will notice him,” she explained. “We’re kinda doing it for him, so he gets more acclimated to the class.” Some of the various poses that Mr. Bones has been in include doing yoga, reading, and wearing a crown.

But how did Mrs. Kulik prepare for this new classroom mascot? She admitted it was her first time doing something of the sort. “I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to really search one out, and this website was recommended to me because people know I don’t like to change a litter pan or clean a tank.  With a skeleton as a mascot, I don’t have do anything. I have to talk to him – ya’ know.  I just give him batteries every now and then, and he’s fine.”

Although it is Mrs. Kulik’s first time with a classroom mascot, she finds that it’s never too late to embrace the Halloween Spirit. 

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Mr. Bones — Room 201 Mascot