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Kedziora Classroom News

Rohan Bulusu

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Kedziora Classroom News

by Rohan Bulusu

Since Mr. Titus’ departure last year, Mrs. Kedziora, or Mrs. Kedz, has been the mathematics instructor for the Phoenix team. Though the curriculum has remained the same, tests, reassessments, and most importantly, the class opinion on Thursday, has differed.

Reassessments have been a large part of SBR (Standards Based Reporting)— or as it is now known, SRR (Standards Referenced Reporting)— and is an opportunity often utilized by students throughout the team. Though the requirements necessary for the “retakes” differ from teacher to teacher, all reassessments must be taken within two weeks from being handed back the original test.

Last year, 7th graders’ only requirements for reassessments in math were test corrections. Once completed, the reassessment would be available within approximately a week. This was in contrast to many language arts and social studies reassessment requirements, which required an entrance ticket.

This year, however, Mrs. Kedziora has brought math into the list of subjects with entrance tickets. After a test, if a reassessment is necessary, a student must make test corrections, and then either complete an entrance ticket or complete the chapter’s note packet.

Another change under Mrs. Kedziora has been the administration of tests. Students previously received a test only about every month or so. This year students usually expect one per week, on average.

Besides grading and testing practices, one other major change in the classroom revolves around Thursday. From the first day of school, Mrs. Kedziora has been vocal with her opinion on Thursdays, and how “they’re no good.” Many students have taken her side, such as Tanvika Vedam, an 8th grader in Mrs. Kedziora’s math and language arts classes who shares the belief that Thursdays “are terrible” and that they “make you think that it’s Friday, but it’s just not.”

Lastly, Mrs. Kedziora celebrated her birthday on the 24th of September. Students gave her room a complete makeover. Previous to her birthday, her room was nearly completely barren of decorations. A few quotes accompanied by a couple of paper butterflies, the room was quite drab. The following day, however, it was awash with color. The door was plastered with banners, and colored paper flew over her desk. The walls were covered with posters, artwork, and quotes including statements like, “I love naps.”

An eventful month, Mrs. Kedziora’s room is in constant motion, and will continue to be a fun and enriching learning environment for the 8th grade Phoenix students.

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