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Rohints of Advice (October)

Rohin Gopalka, Opinion writer, writes the advice column

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Q: Dear Request Rohin, I’m doing XC this year, but I’ve discovered that I’m slower than my friends relative to where I was last year. I was faster them last year, but now I’m slower than them. What should I do? -Tyler Bresnick

Find new friends. Slower ones, preferably.

A: Practice! Practice, Practice, Practice. Whenever you have any kind of free time, go to the treadmill or go outside and run a little. Practice is everything, it can be fun, and it can also help you get faster, and catch up to your friends. But remember, you and your friends shouldn’t be too competitive. Running speed shouldn’t make or break a friendship.

Q: What is the best way to study for a test? -Studious Student


A: Again, practice. Practice any Quizlet you can find, reread your notes, and clear any topics that seem unclear. Also, don’t forget to ask for help. Truly, it is okay to ask teachers and other people for any kind of help. Try these, and hopefully, you’ll have some more success.

Q: What’s the best way to pick out a book? –Raging Reader

Step 1: Find a book. Step 2: If it is too big, throw it on the ground. Step 3: Choose a new smaller book. Step 4: Repeat.

A: Ask around. If you can’t choose a good book yourself, ask other classmates or friends for books they liked that they have read recently. If you really can’t find anything, then go onto different websites like Goodreads to find a book that others have been reading.

Q: My new kitten is fighting with my older cat, how can I help them not fight anymore? -Boris Rokhmanov

Meh, ignore them. What’s the worst they can do, they’re just cats. 

A:  First, in a week, alternate putting the cats in a crate but keep the cats together. Keep them interacting. After a week, remove the crate. If one starts fighting, put that one in the cage. To stop a fight, spritz the cats with a spray-bottle. Loud noises can also be effective. But, be careful not to mistake they’re ‘fighting’ for just ‘playing’. 

Q: How do I sell more magazines for the magazine drive? -Smart Seller

Start a company, and buy a bunch of magazines for the waiting room.

A: Usually what works best is to go around and ask neighbors, along with emailing cousins, relatives, and anyone who you think might buy from you. Relatives and other people you may interact with will probably  buy a lot more than a stranger. Successful sellers in the past have introduced their storefront to every new adult that they meet, including all of their parents’ friends and relatives — anyone that might be interested in purchasing. 

Q: How do I not fail math this year? -Passionate Pupil

Who cares? Middle school grades don’t matter.

A: Practice a lot. Finding online worksheets and videos on Khan Academy or AOPS may seem childish, or something a parent would force you to do, but it is actually really helpful. And also remember that there is a teacher to help you with any questions that might arise. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from teachers. 

Q: How do I get a spot on the bean bag chairs, do I have to take EXTREME MEASURES? -Bean Bag Bro

Make sure you rush to their right when the teacher says “Get to work” or there is a group activity. You must topple anything and everyone to snag a bean bag. Also, the worst mistake you can do is get up without asking someone to hog it for you. If you need to use the restroom or go somewhere, always get someone to but their leg on your bean bag. 

Q: How do I sleep for nine hours a night? -Sleepy Sleeper

Experts say you should get nine hours of sleep, but I’m obviously more credible than them, and I say whatever. 

A: First of all, don’t stress yourself out with extracurricular activities, and make sure you aren’t starting your homework at like 9 in the evening. Next, have good time management. Try not to get distracted by your phone, social media, etc. Remember, homework is formative, so even if you don’t have time to finish one assignment, it won’t bring your grade down drastically. Never lose too much sleep trying to finish homework. 

Q: How do I find old maps that are worth millions on the ground? 

A: Walk around the whole globe. Walk around in the ocean, walk around in people’s houses, walk inside the White House. You’ll probably find some old map somewhere. If you can’t, start digging downwards. Or check Ebay. There’s always some sucker on Ebay who doesn’t know they’re selling treasure.

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Rohints of Advice (October)